Edward Sharpe and the magnetic people

the magnetic people

So, today I was listening to one of the Daily Mix playlists Spotify had tailored for me, and a live performance of the famous “Home” (by Edward Sharpe and the magnetic zeroes) song started playing. The song being played is a very different version of what a live recordings usually sounds like. During certain part of the song, the singers stop singing the regular lyrics and step down from the stage to ask people to tell a romantic story about themselves, while the music is still playing.

One would think that this must be arranged beforehand and they hand-picked the ones they felt would look and sound best, during rehearsals. This would bring a sense of novelty, while not disrupting too much the presumed idea of what a live performance is. But it wasn’t. They just let anybody (and everybody) tell stories: weird, out of context, way too long ones. And the artists seem cool with it.

To be honest this performance is a bit messy and does not follow what I would expect of an artist on stage. They risked (and ruined) the quality of the music, the expected pattern of the song and disrupted my work flow as I had to pause and listen to what was happening. Something scratched my ears and at first I thought: “What were these guys thinking? They ruined the song!”


…and receive your doses of flow

But, a second later I had to go to YouTube to watch the footage of that same concert. I just had to.

And I while I was watching it, I changed my mind: They didn’t ruin a thing, they enhanced the experience, because the experience is about their music as it is about who they are. They improved the show just by being themselves all the time, behaving in authentic manner. Bringing weirdos on stage was part of who they are, of their essence. The whole thing was about creating something authentic and honest with who they are.

They are weirdos, and they do not seem to care about what other non-weirdos think.

They are not afraid of being themselves. They are not worried about fitting in, not worried about the consequences of not falling into one category or the other. Of course they will not be cherished or even accepted by everybody. But they are not even trying to please most of the people, because they are authentic to themselves, authentic weirdos, and they care about connecting with other authentic weirdos.

I have been wanting to be authentic my whole life, with the wrong approach: fearing rejection and isolating myself. Instead of letting my real self surface in order to attract other like-minded people, I hid it and showed just what I assumed would fit on this society. This led me to frustration and anger, and a lack of deep and meaningful connections. I could not find people to connect with, so I felt alone, but how in the world will other weirdos find me if I never showed the real me?

I want a meaningful life full of intense experiences, shared with meaningful people, and doing things for a meaningful purpose. Being authentic will reduce the types of people who approach me, but will make the connections of those who do more intense and pure. I enjoy deep meaningful relationships, and I want to attract meaningful people to my life.

I’m gonna be a weirdo, a happy, free, connected one.

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