How I got here

The bullshit castle

It’s been over a year now since my focus shifted. At that time I was confronted with several questions I had no answer for, at a moment when I didn’t know what wasn’t working with my life. There were obvious signs that some pieces of the engine were worn out: I got tired easily: every tiny bump on the road … Read More

From lonely to thankful

Lonely and thankful

Alone, left out, a weirdo. That is all I am feeling right now. This is not the first time I feel like I do at this moment, I’ve been experiencing the same for so long that I’ve accepted it like an old friend. And somehow I’ve got to the conclusion that there might be something wrong inside me, like an … Read More

A child slaying monsters

The sword

It is windy, windy as hell. The air is warm, it feels nice when it licks my arms, but not too warm to make me sweat. I’m on the side of a tiny road a few meter from the shore, and I can smell the sea. The horizon is blurry because of the heavy haze, and the water is choppy. … Read More

Altered state of mind

the author in flow

The very first moment I jump into the water and my chest bumps against the board I gain a superhero alike focus on the task of paddling and making it to the peak. I get a mix of what seems like contradictory sensations, that might be amplified by the surf conditions: My mind enters into an “hyper-focus” mode, where nothing … Read More