Ardiel González

Passionate about surf, interested in flow and pursuing to solve any problem in the most efficient way. That’s the way I can describe myself better.

From an early age, thanks to my mom, I got into surf and experienced the positive effects of the mental state I entered while doing it: flow.

That state helped me during several stages in life, both a personal and professional level, providing a broader and more positive perspective of those problems I encountered.

I am very introverted but after much work, I have been able to open to others, develop self-confidence and be more expressive. This has been possible thanks to the reflective moments I have enjoyed at sea.

I’m on a mission to make the whole world benefits from flow the same way I had. I have yet to find the way to do it, and while that happens I’ll write about my own experience and opinion on this altered state of mind.

If you want to help me find the way to help others, or just want to chat about flow, please contact me.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria